Eyewitness – Broken Hearts of Youth [1993]

grthrCountry USA

Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 75/100

Band Members Terri Templeman, John H. Zander, Tom Templeman, Thomas Link

Tracks 01. Mixed Signals, 02. In Your Letter, 03. What Can I Do, 04. Streetwise Woman, 05. Guitar Man, 06. Blinded Love, 07. Just For You, 08. Goodbye, 09. Winds Of Autumn, 10. The Weatherman Says

Profile This band is a four person female fronted band that hails from California. The band has both a lead male and female vocalist, making it for a wonderful release.  The band delivers passionate, guitar oriented Hard Rock/AOR with excellent musicianship.   The tracks, “Streetwise Woman” and “Just For You” are AOR charged anthems – every song is catchy.  This mega rare album released in 1993 through Baroque Records in very limited copies.


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