Explorers – We Always Want [1994]

EXPLORERS_WAWCountry Canada          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 75/100

Band Members Cory Churko – Lead vocals,Guitars,Violin,Backing Vocals, Michael Norman – Lead vocals,Keyboards,Saxophone,Backing vocals, Shane Hendrickson – Lead vocals,Bass,Backing vocals, Kevin Churko – Drums,Chest Slaps,Backing vocals

Tracks 01.She’s Gone, 02.I Just Thought I’d Ask, 03.When the Lights Go Down, 04.Hands, 05.Silver Lining, 06.Liar, 7.Somebody Like you, 08.Churkin’ Pickin’, 09.Do What you Do, 10.We Always Want, 11.The Prayer, 12.Epilogue

Profile “The Explorers – We Always Want” was the exact opposite of those trends, shoving big choruses and wall-of-sound vocals in your face, like the mutant offspring of Mood Swings-era Harem Scarem and 80s Def Leppard. This self produced masterpiece sports excellent production and great musicianship. The layered lead and backup vocals make for an explosive, melodic, catchy, original party hard rock style album that is not to be missed. 

What you get is totally unreal guitar work, awesome songwriting, and plenty of innovative and original ideas for your money. Includes some great tracks,”Somebody Like You” is an AOR powerhouse, with huge backing vocals. “Liar” also has the massive Def Leppard touch plus a healthy dose of second album Extreme. In 1997 they released a second album but unfortunately the band split-up a little later. 

Singer/guitarist Cory Charko joined Shania Twain´s touring band and has also worked with Kelly Clarkson after Explorers. Only released in Canada, this is a must-have for AOR and hair metal fans alike of the bands mentioned above.


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