Exciss – Hear And Now [1995]

EXCISS_HAN2Country Germany          

Style Melodic Hard Rock

Rating 68/100

Band Members Pribadi Soerjatin – Guitars, Stephan Lepinat – Drums, Winzel Wisch – Vocals, Mike Diefenbacher – Guitars, Karsten Gehrke – Bass

Tracks 01. Intro, 02. Lies, 03. Rock Like Crazy…, 04. Open Your Heart, 05. I’m A Loser, 06. South Africa, 07. Out Of Their Eyes, 08. Why Don’t You, 09. You’re Not Alone, 10. Life, 11. X-C, 12. Forever, 13. Open Your Heart Lonely Wolf Mix

Profile Exciss is a Hamburg short-lived hard rock band released one record titled “Hear and Now” back in 1995 via Gigastore Music. The band had the style and the look for something better, but the poor songwriting won’t help them to gain minor success. Beyond that the guitar riffs is the most impressive part of the album while the rockin’ “I’m a Loser” is the best moment of the record. The band also in 1993 released a demo tape titled “Hardrock” that also is hard to be found nowdays. One of the rarest album out there…..


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