Escape Club – Wild Wild West [1988]

61Bsbm0obALCountry United Kingdom

Style Melodic Rock/Hi-Tech AOR/Pop

Rating 80/100

Band Members John Holliday – Guitar,backing vocals,Harmonica, Johnnie Christo – Bass,backing vocals, Milan Zekavica – Drums, Trevor Steel – Lead vocals,Guitar

Additional Musicians
Plum,Tessa Niles – Backing vocals, Ben Parks,Brian Brummit, ave Plews,Jim Patterson- Horns, Alan Clark,Jon Carin,Steve Pigott – Keyboards

Tracks 01. Wild, Wild West (5:43), 02. Jealousy (3:06), 03. Shake For The Sheik (4:00), 04. Walking Through Walls (3:18), 05. The Longest Day (4:34), 06. Who Do You Love? (3:14), 07. Staring At The Sun (4:43), 08. Only The Rain (3:06), 09. Goodbye Joey Rae (4:26), 10. Working For The Fatman (3:00)

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Profile The Escape Club was a British Pop Rock/Hi-Tech AOR band based in London and formed in 1983. The band was composed of former Mad Shadows members’ lead singer/rhythm guitarist Trevor Steel and guitarist John Holliday, along with former Expressos members bassist Johnnie Christo (a.k.a. John Christoforou) and drummer Milan Zekavica. Zekavica had also previously played with Steel and Holliday on an album by the obscure early 80’s New Wave outfit, Planning By Numbers.

In 1986, they signed with EMI and recorded the album ‘White Fields’, which was released in 1987. Later in 1987, the group moved to Atlantic Records for their next album, ‘Wild Wild West’. The album was released in the summer of 1988. The first single, ‘Wild, Wild West’ hit the charts in late 1988 and climbed to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song’s distinctive video received a lot of MTV airplay but it was banned from being used in the UK for being allegedly sexist and offensive.

In 1989, they released two more singles from the ‘Wild Wild West’ album, ‘Shake For The Sheik’, which climbed to #28, and ‘Walking Through Walls’, which peaked at #81. The Escape Club would become the only British band to have a #1 hit in the U.S., but not chart at all in the UK…The Escape Club and ‘Wild Wild West’ would appeal to anyone into Then Jericho, T’Pau and the Cutting Crew among others of a similar ilk.


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