Dreamer – Winning It All [1993]

ergeryeryhrCountry USA          

Style Hard Rock/AOR

Rating 78/100

Band Members

Tracks 01.Dream, 02. Friends Going Places, 03. Winning It All, 04. I Still Believe In You, 05. This Ole Heart, 06. I Just Wanna Celebrate, 07. Saturday Night, 08. Put Your Heart In It, 09. Twist And Shout, 10. The Star Spangled Banner

Profile Indie release from AOR artists, “DREAMER,” with their amazing release entitled, “Winning It All”. The band hails from Texas. When I first put this disc in my player, I thought this band was a cover band, or a wedding band, as they play covers of some songs (see tracklisting above). When I got to track #3, I could not believe what I was hearing. The song,  “Winning It All” is the band’s own song, and it could be one of the all time best Melodic Rock songs. Huge vocals, keyboards, soaring guitar solos.

This song could have come off the China Sky, JC Desire, May Run, or Higher Power. After a few more covers……the band hits you with another original song, called, “I Still Believe In You,” which is a passionate AOR styled ballad. Track #8 (another band original), is another exceptional AOR anthem. Certainly an odd album, as there is no info about the band…….as they cover some oldies tunes, but then belt out some stunning AOR anthems and ballads. Interesting and totally unknown release….

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