Dreamcatcher – Catch Your Dream [2001]

WEMDC1animation-01Country Germany          

Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 84/100

Band Members Gerd Rube – Vocals,guitars, Bodo Schopf – Drums,vocals, Darrell McCullough – Guitars,vocals, Arnold “Mucki” Wilson – Bass,vocals

Tracks 01. Killing Me, 02. Behind The Moon, 03. Just Let It Go, 04. Rain at the window, 05. Close Your Eyes, 06. Our Song, 07. Brandnew World, 08. Set Me Free, 09. Lift Me Up, 10. Snake, 11. I Still Love You, 12. Girl Next Door, 13. It’s Easy Lovin You, 14. Now That You’re Here, 15. We stand for Rock’n’Roll

Profile In March 2001 Gerd was searching for a good Studio for a pre-production for his upcoming Solo-CD, and found the Leon Records Studio in Esslingen. With the owner Bodo Schopf he immediately agreed to record two songs. Bodo and his studio-guitarist Darrell McCullough liked “It’s easy loving you” and “Set me free” right away a lot even in the rough version so they offered to do the Drum- & Guitarpart. Additional musicians of the Stuttgart musicscene partcipated and the result was that good, they decided to continue recording and writing together and further form a band that would perform all these songs live. DREAMCATCHER was born!

Darrell, Bodo, and the bassplayer Arnold Wilson were members of the Soul-Coverband “The Dudes”. Gerd spend nine years to sings rock classics with “Good News”. All four of them had enough of playin other artist’s songs. The ‘chemistry’ was right and so the time was right for new original songmaterial. This studio album rocks! 15 Songs of Gerd Rube and his Band “Dreamcatcher”. This album got several great reviews and has also been selected as “CD of the year” in the magazine “Home of Rock”.


Gerd Rube

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