Douglaz A.M. – Demos [1990]

gegergerCountry Germany          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 77/100

Band Members Pete Koobs – Vocals,guitar, Micky Otto – Guitar, Michi Kamin – Bass, Dirk Müller – Drums

Tracks 01. Take out that Garbage, 02. A Good Time, 03. Gotta Believe in Someone, 04. Times are Changing (live), 05. Can’t Stand Waiting (live)

Profile Douglaz A.M. hailed from Wilhelmshaven and act between 1990 to 1995. They combine hard rock with groovy guitar riffs with a sleazy touch. The song “Gotta Believe in Someone” maybe annoy you  with the thousand times repeated refrain but the two live songs are presented to peppy and playful. The production coming from the band and it’s quite good for an indie release. I am not impressed but value to collectors as it’s very hard to be found….


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