Doug Howard – Last Man Standing [2000]

HowardLastCountry USA

Style Hard Rock

Rating 84/100

Band Members Doug Howard – Vocals,bass,guitars,keyboards,drums

Tracks 01. Higher, 02. Whip, 03. Hold Up The Sky, 04. Hey Money, 05. Faith, 06. Tell Me, 07. Save Me, 08. The Death Of Me, 09. Living Proof, 10. Worldwide, 11. Black Betty

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Profile To those (few) who have not heard of Doug, he is a God. He was a member of one of the most beloved bands within the genre of Pomp/AOR from way back in the late 70’s/early 80’s. The band I refer to is Touch (which also had Mark Mangold among it’s ranks). He would later appear with the equally excellent AOR band, Stun Leer. To date, ‘Last Man Standing’ is Doug’s only solo release. So, what’s it like? Well, ultimately it is a Melodic Hard Rock album and whilst harder-edged than Stun Leer it has more in common with this release than Touch – which is a million miles away.

It is a diverse release, but still retains the essential ingredients of the ballads an’ Hard Rockers we all crave. It contains 11 tracks in total, with one being a cover – the awesome ‘Black Betty’ by Ram Jam (a.k.a. American Ram Jam in the UK). It is the sort of album that would easily find appreciation with anyone not expecting it to be particularly like Doug’s other works – it may even take a few spins for it to grow on you, but grow on you it does. Highly recommended.


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