Dirtyworks – Dirtyworks [1992]

DIRTYWORKS_DWCountry Canada          Style Sleaze Glam/Hard Rock

Rating 85/100

Band Members
Lorne Eoyle – Drums,Backing Vocals, Rick Nagy – Bass,Backing Vocals (All Guitar & Keys # 6), Steve Bennett – Lead/Backing Vocals, Todd Graham – Guitar,Backing Vocals

01. One Child (3:51), 02. Road To Pain (3:47), 03. Heart Of Stone (3:56), 04. Shame (3:51), 05. Shot Down (4:10), 06. Blinded (4:52), 07. Little Sister (4:32), 08. Day By Day (5:32), 09. Tickled Pink (3:22), 10. Hard Luck (5:06)

[ca_audio url=”http://melodic-hardrock.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/one-child.mp3″ width=”500″ height=”27″ css_class=”codeart-google-mp3-player” autoplay=”false”]

Profile DIRTYWORKS is a little known Canadian band that made some great music before getting swept under the rug by the (sorry for the word) grunge invasion. Their one and only self-tiled album is a commercial melodic hard rock album with some sleaze hints, clearly influenced by early Skid Row.

That’s evident on the catchy opener “One Child”, “Road To Pain” and “Little Sister”, being the latter a good example of melody and hooky refrains. A very good track. “Heart Of Stone” is a really nice ballad in the vein of the best Slaughter, the guitar progression enhances this tune above the typical standard mellow song. “Shame” isn’t far to their country fellas Dirty Rhythm, while “Shot Down” has some razor guitar riffs without effects, just amp distortion. Both good hard rockers. The intimate “Blinded” -a full acoustic piece- is a good one, strangely reminds me Alice In Chains (and that isn’t a bad thing). “Day By Day” is the kind of song that I like a lot: a ‘road style’ song. Very nice. The melodic rock style of “Hard Luck” fits very well to this band, the guitar solo is very much SkidRow-esque. Last track is the piano-mix of “Heart Of Stone”. A cool addition, but I prefer the full band version.

“DirtyWorks” it’s a good late ’80s style disc. Not glossy or sophisticated, but very melodic and catchy with good songwriting. The self production is a bit thin (specially on the drums) but more than acceptable for an indie. Pretty hard to find, this CD fetch ridiculous prices on auction sites.


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