Dirty White Boy – Bad Reputation [1990]

PhotobucketCOUNTRY: USA          STYLE: Melodic Hard Rock

RATING: 81/100

David Glen Eisley – Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Keyboards, Earl Slick – Guitars, Backing Vocals, F. Kirk Alley – Bass, Backing Vocals, Keni Richards – Drums, Percussion, Billy Trudel – Backing vocals

01. Bad Reputation (3:58), 02. Lazy Crazy (4:40), 03. Let’s Spend Momma’s Money (4:27), 04. You Give Me Love (5:30), 05. Dead Cat Alley (6:36), 06. Hammer On The Heart (4:53), 07. Hard Times (5:27), 08. Soul Of A Loaded Gun (5:39), 09. One Good Reason (4:32), 10. Badlands (5:26)

Dirty White Boy were another melodic rock band that was fronted by the talented David Glen Eisley. Another high mark for this record is the presence of Earl Slick on guitar. While not entirely a hair metal band, that would be the closet comparison I could find for their sound.

Being released in 1990 and spawned two singles “Let’s Spend Momma’s Money” and “Lazy Crazy” although due to the changing music scene shortly thereafter to Grunge neither were successful and  it’s not hard to see why Dirty White Boy jumped on the hair metal wagon. I mean, everyone was making records like this in 90′. The sad truth however, was that just around the corner, lurked the grunge monster that would soon destroy all things melodic rock and hair metal. Dirty White Boy, while incorporating elements of the “Hollywood Sound” into their tunes, followed a more direct blues-rock approach. In fact, it was very close to what Cinderella was doing at the time with their “Heartbreak Station” record, released the same year. Songs like “Let’s Spend Momma’s Money”, “Lazy Crazy” and “Bad Reputation” are the epitome of the hair metal sound, while tracks like my personal favorite “One Good Reason” “Soul Of A Loaded Gun” and “You Give Me Love” pour more heart out than your average sleaze band of the day.

The album was produced by Beau Hill and released on the Polydor label. It is known that the band were unhappy with the sound of the final product and this could be another reason they decided to split.


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