Dimage – It Takes Time (1991-1993) [2008]

Country USA          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 81/100

Band Members Brian Azbell – Drums, Backing Vocals, Jason Staton – Guitars, Backing Vocals, Nikki Dimage – Guitar, Keys, Backing Vocals, Russ Kahle – Bass, Scott Board – Lead Vocals

Tracks 01. Running For Cover, 02. Friend Of Pain, 03. Mistreated, 04. I’ll Be The One Tonight, 05. Hurricane Love, 06. It Takes Time, 07. It Don’t Come Easy [Demo], 08. Ain’t No Country Boy [Demo], 09. Obsession [Demo], 10. No Secret [Demo], 11. One And Only [Demo]

[ca_audio url_mp3=”http://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/iw8410npl9/DIMAGE_-_Running_For_Cover.mp3″ url_ogg=”” skin=”regular” align=”none”]

Profile Issued by “Divebomb records” are the works/recordings of American melodic hard rock band “Dimage”. “Dimage” were active during the early `90s, and “It takes time” brings together the songs the group put on tape between 1991 and 1993. It has to be clear that the material on offer here was re-mastered in Sweden in 2008, prior to the release of this eleven-track album, strengthening significantly the stereo quality of the album (though the first six songs are evidently superior production-wise to the following five).

Being a long term fan of the melodic genres, “Dimage” has served as a pleasant musical surprise. From the opening notes of “Running for cover” a dark/glamorous atmosphere overwhelms the listener, it is the same vibe found on “Vain-No Resepect” and “Ratt-Invasion of your privacy”, not as much in terms of songwriting but of the overall musical character.

Music-wise “Dimage” proves easily one of the best-rounded US bands of the early `90s. Thick `80s drumming, complemeted by dark/distorted bass lines, incredible rhythm and lead guitar work, courtesy of Nikki Dimage (“Line of Fire”) and Jason Staton; never forgetting lead singer Scott Board whose vocal range and technique can not fail to impress. Though making use of the highest notes (similarly to Matt Matijevic) he does so in a melodic rock manner never going too heavy metal.

Having said the above, some would be keen to label “Dimage” a heavy metal act yet their orientation is evidently melodic hard rock; clearly centered lyrically on the subject of love/heartbreak, adressed with an underlying pessimism that causes the songs to sound so dark-“Running for cover”, “Friend of pain”, “Hurricane love” and “I’ll be the one tonight” are best examples of this point of view. Even though not all tracks are recorded to the same standards, “Dimage” indeed sounds authentic, convincing and to a certain extent haunting. “It takes time” is the album for the seasoned melodic hard rock collector, especially those who think they have heard it all.

By Nikiforos V. Skoumas

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