Diane – Adventures [1997]

DIANE_ACountry Germany          Style Melodic Hard Rock

Rating 81/100

Band Members Jupp – Keyboards, Jurgen – Bass,Vocals, Thomas – Drums, Peter Richter – Guitar

Tracks 01. Jungle, 02. Look To Your Dreams, 03. People Are Strange, 04. Age Of Dark, 05. Mary Lou, 06. Tears, 07. Maybe It’s You, 08. Pirate’s Life, 09. Mountain Calls, 10. Queen Of The Chase, 11. Daylight

Profile DIANE is a Munich based hard rock outfit and “Adventures” is their first full-lenght album released in 1997 through EGO Mania Records. If you love melodic hard rock loaded with bombastic keyboards, killer guitars and those layered harmony vocals like Robin, Herborn, Sahin and Mr. Clean ….all fellow countrymen, then you’ll love this hard to find rarity.

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