Demarsh – You Will Be The First [1991]

PhotobucketCOUNTRY: Russia          STYLE: Hard Rock

RATING: 85/100

Alexander Sitnikov – Bass, Sergei Kiselyov – Drums, Mikhail Timofeyev – Guitar, Michael Rybnikov – Keyboards, vocals,  Saxophone, Igor Melnik – Vocals, guitar

1. Free Love (5:12), 2. Sunday (4:29), 3. Last Train (5:35), 4. Corsaire (3:07), 5. You will be the first … (3:48), 6. Gloria (5:02), 7. Night Without You (3:00), 8. White Witch (5:00)


Hard’N’Heavy group from USSR, founded in 1990 by former musicians of  “The Visit.” Submit AZG 1991, edition of 6000 pieces!. Recorded in 1989-1990. in the studio of DUNE in Dolgoprudny (Victor Rybin involved in the reduction of nesolkih songs). 

The first joint appearance at the stadium was “Metalist” in Kharkov, tele – at the festival “Soundtrack” in the Luzhniki Sports Palace (Friday 13th October 1989) entitled “The Visit.” The first stunning success brings unexpected trip to St. Petersburg to shoot the TV program “Top secret”. The following eight months of the song “You’ll be first” and “Last Train” bravely held the lead in the “Music for the hand” transfer “Top secret”.

The video “You’ll be the first” on the letters of viewers of the “Marathon-15” was the best rock song.


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