Delta Tango – Delta Tango [1995]

grthrCountry Canada

Style Melodic Rock/AOR/Country Rock

Rating 78/100

Band Members Roxanne Tellier – Vocals, Shawn O’Shea – Guitar, Peter Verity – Guitar.mandolin, Phil Parmentier – Bass, Ron Benedict – Drums, Jim Manis – Harmonica

Tracks 01. Memory Lane (4:42), 02. Let it Rain (3:33), 03. So Sorry (3:27), 04. In Love (4:10), 05. Temptation Walks (4:00), 06. Don’t Turn me Away (4:03), 07. When Love has no Name (4:10), 08. Lonely Music (3:59), 09. Heartbreak City (4:06), 10. One of These Days (3:240, 11. When I Gave you my Love (4:01), 12. Under the Influence (3:17)

Profile In 1992 Shawn O’Shea and Roxanne Tellier were asked what it would take to get them out of their hiatus from live performance, and into the studio to begin recording. Within days, Shawn and Roxanne had added singer/songwriter Peter Verity, singer/songwriter/bassist Phil Parmentier, and drummer Ron Benedict, former member of the Stones clone band ‘The Petts’ to the mix. Later, they would add James Manis on harmonica.

The eponymous CD was recorded at Peter Goodall’s studio, and finally released in 1995. The band performed live at several prestigious venues, including the Yonge Street 100th Year Anniversary festivities, and showcased at the 1995 Canadian Music Week. But tragedy struck, and Phil Parmentier was struck down on the 401 on his way home from his day job. The band never recovered from his loss. They never performed again.

Plans for a second album were put on hold. All that remains is this, their first album. For fans of Hammered Blue and Paradigm here is one of the rarest female fronted AOR indies.


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Delta Tango - Delta Tango [1995], 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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One Response to “Delta Tango – Delta Tango [1995]”

  1. Well .. this is a nice surprise!
    I had no idea that this site existed, and was really pleased to see the lovely profile/review of our ’95 LP.
    Shawn and I have gone on to do several other projects, some singly, some together.
    My latest EP/CD, Three Waltzes and a Parade, was on the CBC artist website for some time. Not sure if it’s still there. Those songs, as well as slideshow videos from the Delta Tango CD, can be found here:
    And Shawn O’Shea’s most recent project, the heymacs, can be bound on his youtube channel:
    Lots more projects on the back burner, so stay tuned!
    thanks! and


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