David Readman – David Readman [2007]

Country United Kingdom          Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 82/100

Band Members
David Readman – Vocals,Guitars,Keyboards, Paul Logue,Alex Beyrodt,Gerald Sänger,Tommy Denander,Uwe Reitenauer – Guitars, Eric Ragno,Günter Werno – Keyboards, Dirk Bruinenberg,Chris Schmidt – Drums, Paul Logue – Bass

01. Without You (5:02), 02. Evil Combination (5:19), 03. Take These Tears (4:50), 04. Don’t Let It Slip Away (4:41), 05. No Peace For The Wicked (3:52), 06. Long Way To Heaven (4:41), 07. Wild In The City (4:28), 08. Gentle Touch (4:45), 09. Prisoner Of Shame (3:55), 10. New Messia (4:57), 11. Over The Ocean (4:41), 12. Love In Vain (5:17)

Profile This is the 2007 debut solo album by English singer David Readman the long serving front man for German melodic hard rock band “Pink Cream 69” and lately lead singer for neoclassical hard rock band “Voodoo Circle”.

Theoretically this is indeed a solo album in the truest sense of the word as almost all songs are single handedly composed by the singer himself; while there is occasional songwriting contribution from bassist Paul Logue (“Eden’s Curse”, ex-“Cry Havoc”) who also plays the bass on the whola album. The guitars for the biggest part are recorded by German guitar prodigy Alex Beyrodt (“Voodoo Circe”, “Silent Force”) while also featuring contributions by Tommy Denander, Uwe Reitenauer and Gerald Sanger. The keyboards are performed by Eric Ragno and Gunter Verno while drums are recorded by Dirk Bruinenberg and Chris Schmidt. As the inclusion of the above names hints, the album follows the melodic hard rock path, being considerably more positive than some of his other works. Favorite tracks include “Wild in the city”, “Without you” and “Don’t let it slip away”.

Although one comes accros a fair amount of AOR-ish melodies, the thick presence of guitars on all tracks verify that David’s solo album is primarily hard rock and to a lesser extent AOR. In retrospect Readman’s solo album can easily be regarded as an all star project considering the hard rock royalties involved and it definitely layed the foreground for the formation of “Voodoo Circle” a year later by David and Alex Beyrodt.

Nikiforos V. Skoumas

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David Readman - David Readman [2007], 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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