Dante Catt – Curiosity Kills [1996]

DANTECATT_CKCountry USA          Style Hard Rock

Rating 76/100

Band Members
Dante Catt – Vocals,Bass, Gary Curto – Keyboards, Gary Schutt – Vocals,Guitar, Nat Barouch – Drums, Rick Curley – Vocals,Guitar

01. Blood On The Son, 02. Igwo, 03. Imagine That, 04. Freaks Need Not Apply, 05. Thorn In My Side, 06. Don’t Leave, 07. Black Widow Woman, 08. Angel In Hell, 09. Peace Town, 10. Stepping Stone, 11. Poor Girl, 12. Luv Ressurection, 13. Mosh Or Be Moshedm, 14. The Jet Song



Profile Florida short lived based band with one release in 1996 saw the three members of Signal Zero, Dante Catt, Nat Barouch and Gary Schutt (Takara) along with guests musicians, the veteran keyboardist Gary Curto and guitarist Rick Curley, to record Dante Catt’s solo effort, which went on to sell well in South Florida. For a self-released record the production is quite good with some good ideas but the mix of many music style from funk,aor,pomp and progressive lost the evidence of the album. Dante Catt passed away in June 2011.


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