Daizy Chain – Daizy Chain [1991]

Country USA

Style Hard Rock

Rating 78/100

Band Members CJ Perez – Vocals, Mike Connelly – Guitars, Charlie “Moose” Muccigrosso – Guitars, Jimmy Augh – Bass, Anthony Brant – Drums

Tracks 01. Lost Desire (4:37), 02. In My Dreams (5:19), 03. Seet Ginger (4:51), 04. Always Last Forever (4:51), 05. Leaving Behind (3:41), 06. One Night (3:59), 07. Without Your Love (5:16), 08. Wings of our Heart (5:01), 09. Say Goodbye (4:59)

Profile From the late 80s and early 90s Jersey rock scene that spawned such acts as Trixter, American Angel and Skid Row, comes Daizy Chain. With a mix of pop melodies and hard edge guitar riffs, they bring a style of music familiar to many fans of New Jersey’s pop-metal heyday. A staple live band at clubs throughout the trip-state area, Daizy Chain to this day has a following of loyal fans who campaigned for this once in a generation reunion. Imagine a mixture of Skid Row and Tesla and you have Daizy Chain.

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