Curacao – You [1988]

R-746832-1154627534.jpegCountry Austria

Style Synth-Pop/New Wave/Rock

Rating 80/100

Band Members Gabi Moser,Leo Korn – Vocals, Werner Puls – Guitars,bass, Edi Schwaberl,Roland Gutsch – Synthesizers,drums

Tracks 01. You (3:22), 02. Curacao (3:07), 03. I Feel Good (3:27), 04. Time Up For Love (New Mix) (4:09), 05. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (3:07), 06. Smile (3:54), 07. I’ve Had Enough (2:46), 08. Yiasou (3:36), 09. Mirror (3:26), 10. Love Is Pain (3:35)

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Profile Austrian pop band, founded in 1987 by Leo Korn. The same year they debuted with two singles “Time Up For Love” and “Yiasou”. The first single “Time Up for Love” was released in the spring of 1987 and reached # 14 in the Austrian singles chart. The follow-up single “Yiasou” reached No. 1 on 1988 the Austrian singles chart and was the most played song of 1988 Disco in Austria. The success followed by their first full lenght album a year later titled “You” released by Koch International which enjoys great popularity among today Italo Disco music lovers and collectors, and was even published in South Korea. The sound of Curacao was heavily based on the then Italo sound, and also had New Wave elements in the songs. The fourth single “You” from the eponymous album reached number 11 in the 1988 Austrian singles chart in the fall. The singles “Love is Pain” and “Curacao” was the entry into the Austrian charts denied. A second released came out in 1989 melled to be the last of the band.


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