Cryme – Scene Of The Cryme [2004]

Scene of the CrymeCountry Belgium

Style Metal/Hard Rock

Rating 81/100

Band Members Phil Letawe – Vocals, Pat Lemoine – Guitars, Faco Dirix – Bass, Igor Molchanov – Drums

Tracks 01. Midnight Sun, 02. Razor Edge, 03. Just Another Tale, 04. Blood Sweat and Tears, 05. Sweetest Crime, 06. Crocodile Pit, 07. Detoxicated, 08. Moscow Girls, 09. You Won’t Last (Any Long), 10. Gone But Not Forgotten

Profile Formed in Liege in 1992 from Pat Lemoine after leaving one of the promising Belgian band of FN Guns. A demo recording appeared from the band in 1993 followed by many live gigs. In 19995 the band shot their first video clip from the track “Crocodile Pit” which played in Video Rock mateurs on French musical TV MCM while the band appeared in the French movie “Chloe” where they played live in La Chapelle, a famous rock club in Liege. It took years, actually in 2004 for their their full-lenght album to be released through Painkiller Records a Belgium indie label. These guys are good and worth your attention!!! It’s obvious they’ve played for quite some time and it reflects on this record. The guitars are razor sharp heavy yet very rich in melody. Imagine a better blend of these bands: Mud Slick, Crystal Ball and Pink Cream 69. 



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