Court Jester – The Edge Of Insanity [1995]

Photobucket Country Germany         

Style Hard Rock/Metal

Rating 81/100

Band Members Jorg Eisenberg – Bass, Frank Schopges – Drums, Teddy Herold – Guitars, Rainer Krenz – Guitars, Chity Somapala – Vocals, Joerg Engel – Keyboards

Tracks 01. On the Run, 02. The Edge of Insanity, 03. Caught in Time, 04. You Don’t Know, 05. Guitar Intro, 06. Nothing Left To Say, 07. As We Told

Profile Court Jester were a popular German underground metal act from Trier formed in 1991. Court Jester’s Sri Lankan born singer Chitral Somapala found greater prominence with acts such as Avalon, Firewind, Faro, Civilization One, Red Circuit and Moonlight Agony. Chitral Somapala joined Domain in November 2006. “The Edge of Sanity” released in 1995 through Skywalk Records while a year later the band released a full-length album titled “Forced to Believe”, which received favourable reviews throughout the European press. After a while Court Jester decided to disband according to personal reasons.


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Court Jester - The Edge Of Insanity [1995], 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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