Contempt – Backlash [1990]

CONTEMPT_BCountry United Kingdom

Style Glam/Hard Rock

Rating 74/100

Band Members

Tracks 01. Thinkin’ About Nothin’, 02. Room of No Mercy, 03. Suck Me Dry, 04. See You In Heaven, 05. Arms Out Wide, 06. Grip of Disease, 07. B.O.B. (Bonus Track)

Profile Extremely rare released from 1990 by this obscure glam/hard rock outfit. Not much is known about the band’s background, but although we are talking for a rarity and highly costly you won’t get satisfy with the quality of the songs. Indeed there’re some good moments like the rocking openener “Thinkin’ About Nothin'” and the polish “Arms Out Wide” but the production is not the best while there’re some poorly executed guitar work among the poor songwriting. They split-up a year later.

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Contempt - Backlash [1990], 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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  1. Daniel says:

    Contempt were from Liverpool, England. They formed around 1990 and split up in around 94. They won the Battle of the Bands competition in 93 at the world famous Cavern Club (of Beatles fame) beating 206 other bands using their own material. There’s some great tunes on here and recorded with good old fashioned valve Marshall stacks, no computer software in sight. Well worth a listen…

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