Cold Shot – Cold Shot [1990]

PhotobucketCOUNTRY: USA          STYLE: Hard Rock

RATING: 79/100


01. Juicy Lucy, 02. It’s Your Thing, 03. Without Your Love, 04. Cold Shot, 05. Little Too Late, 06. Give Me What I Need, 07. No Time, 08. Heart of the City, 09. Foolish Pride, 10. Mine All Mine



Hyper rare hard rock/hair metal band from US released this demo/album back in 90s, with powerful and crunchy vocals and screaming guitars. The guitar riffs actually is the best part on this record. Don’t expect to heard the ultra catchy song but the whole project definetely wil leave you satisfy. Highligh song are “Juicy Lucy” with some southern influence and good backing vocals, the tilted song “Cold Shot” having a heavy guitar edge, the rocking “Heart of the City” with impressive guitar work and the powerful “Foolish Pride”. For fans of Tattoo Rodeo and Tangier. The album re-released in 2003 by Time Warp Records.


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