Clouseau – Of Zo [1990]

FGDFCountry Belgium

Style Melodic Rock/Pop/Rock

Rating 81/100

Band Members Karel Theys – Bass, Bob Savenberg – Drums, Tjen Berghmans – Guitars, Kris Wauters – Keyboards, Koen Wauters – Vocals

Tracks 01. Heel Alleen (3:24), 02. Langzaam Mijn Hoofd (2:51), 03. Ik Wil Vannacht Bij Je Slapen (4:06), 04. Als Je Lacht (4:40), 05. Zo Gek (3:03), 06. Hier Ben Ik (2:45), 07. Domino (4:07), 08. Alleen Bij haar (3:28), 09. Oh Ja (3:48), 10. Te Laat (4:10), 11. Zo Zonder Jou (2:32), 12. Naar Huis (2:49)

Profile Clouseau is a Belgian pop group, having success in Belgium and the Netherlands since being established in the late 1980s. Apart from a brush with English material in the early 1990s they perform in Dutch. Their biggest hits are Daar gaat ze #1 hit in the Netherlands in 1990 and Passie #1 hit in the Netherlands in 1995. In 1987 they had the unique opportunity to open the Marktrock festival in Leuven (Belgium). After their performance, music publisher Hans Kusters decides to make the first Clouseau single, titled “Brandweer”, which was sold 427 times. During the years after their first single, Clouseau quickly became one of the most famous bands in Flanders, singing mostly in Dutch. In October 1990 Clouseau released their second album, Of zo… an album with tight production, amazing songwriting with many easy listening and enjoyable tunes. A lot of people will/would enjoy their songs and live-performance.+


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