Clara Bow – Clara Bow [1990]

Country USA

Style Glam/Hard Rock

Rating 79/100

Band Members  Kirk, Aaron, Kimmy, Dave “Chain”, Eric “Odie”

Tracks 01. Not in Love, 02. U.S.O. (Surrender), 03. That’s Rock n’ Roll, 04. On the Run, 05. She’s Hot, 06. O.D. Johnny D.O.A.

Profile There are so many pieces out there that get overlooked because they are so unknown when they are in fact just as good and better than so many hyped ones. Here we got the ultra rare demo work from Los Angeles glam rockers Clara Bow. This 5 piece glam band are little known, but they were great and they deserve the chance for a contract. Similar to bands like Baby Blue, Rock Candy and Bittersweet.

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