Christine – We Love You [1988]

christineCountry Finland          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 77/100

Band Members Marc Nicole, Chris Candy, Kim Travis, Pete Sweeney

Tracks 01. We Love You (3:35), 02. Avenue (3:42)

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Profile Short-lived hard rock outfit acted between 1988 – 1990. In that period they managed to released two singles. The one we have here titled “We Love You/Avenue” and the second in 1990 titled “Do or Die/Suicide Chase” both through Flamingo label. Despite the feminine name this is an all-male band. With names like Marc Nicole, Chris Candy, Kim Travis and Pete Sweeney you surely can’t expect them to deliver a tornado of testosterone. And sugary hard rock it is alright. Later on ex-Christine members have appeared in bands like Stratovarius, Havana Black and Five Fifteen for instance.


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