Chase – Chase [1992]

2684613Country Faroe Islands          Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 80/100

Band Members
Edmund Jacobsen – Vocals, Niclas Johannesen – Guitars, James Olsen – Drums, Mikkjal Joensen – Bass

01. Thinking of You, 02. Fyrstu Ferd, 03. Party Rap, 04. Two Hearts, 05. Working Overtime, 06. Shot Down, 07. Nidasta Brugv, 08. Looking Out for Love, 09. I’ll Wait, 10. Reckless Life, 11. Eingangsknall

Profile It was the age of the hairbands. The likes of Poison, Motley Crue and Bon Jovi ruled the charts worldwide, and rock with an attitude was in high regard. It was 1989, the Berlin Wall was still standing tall and life was black and white as it’s supposed to be. Against this background, a handful of guys in their twenty’s founded Chase on the Faroe Islands.

Their primary mission was to play rock and to play it loud! But also on the agenda was an ambition to shake things up, to bring some life and action into the utterly boring live-scene on the small North Atlantic islands. Their third mission was to party and have some great laughs. Chase was born in the autumn of 1989 and played the first gig in Torshavn, Faroe Islands, just before New Years Eve 1989. What followed over the next three to four years was a roller-coaster ride of rock n’ fun and great live-shows that many people still have fond memories of this very day.

The self titled album released in 1992 and produced by the band, followed by many live gigs between 1992 and 1993. The record has a mix of pure AOR and more rock oriented style with stellar production, lush melodies, great guitar riffs and catchy tunes. The band split up in 1994. In 1998 the band reformed for a concert and in 2001 their released a second album. Their first album re-released in 2006 from the Italian Time Warp Records.

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