Charon – Charon [1984]

4933Country Germany        

Style Hard Rock/Metal

Rating 81/100

Band Members Eberhard Feldhahn – Bass, Andreas Feldhahn – Drums, Michael Cars – Guitars, Holger Wickens – Guitars, Carsten Sprigode – Vocals

Tracks 01. Sweet Luisa (3:43), 02. Roll Over You (3:41), 03. Flying High (4:20), 04. Iron Man (3:18), 05. Midnight (3:15), 06. Do It Right (2:50), 07. Fine Girl (3:14), 08. All Day And All Night (2:37), 09. The Universal Show (3:35), 10. Stiletto Knights (Wherever You Go) (4:02)

Profile Melodic hard rock band from Hamburg, Germany, formed in 1983 and disbanded in 1988.  Not to be confused with the other Charon from Zwickau, Saxony. They were part of the very productive scene in Hamburg (Helloween, Gamma Ray, Iron Savior, Masterplan…) In 1984 they released this album in a traditional Metal/hard rock style, similar to Accept, while in their second album, with new singer they were more Power/ Speed-like.


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