Changed – Skinny And Naked [1991]

changedCountry Netherlands

Style CCM Melodic Rock/Rock

Rating 70/100

Band Members Ytsje Droogsma – Vocals, Mark Maas – Drums, Benno Niejmeijer – Bass, Keyboards, Jouke Droogsma – Vocals Guitars, Keyboads

Additional Members Ron Aerts – Strings,hammond, Ferens Deli – Piano, Bert Van Wieren – Acoustic/electric guitars

Tracks 01. God Is Deaf, 02. Troubles Seeker, 03. Only One Answer, 04. Skinny And Naked, 05. I Don’t Care, 06. It’s Not Easy, 07. Use It Well, 08. Take My Hand, 09. Say Stop

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Profile Another rarity from Leeuwarden, very underground, sound familiar to Rez Band…They performed a few times at Flevo Festival in The Netherlands. The guitar player and the lead singer where man and wife. However their marriage ended and so did their band.. The band were acted from the early 80s with few releases until the early 90s with many influences from the 70s and new wave vibes in vocal parts. Nothing spectacular here or any memorable tunes, indeed has a collectors value nowdays.

changed band

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