Chacko – Chacko [1986]

ChackoCountry Australia

Style Melodic Rock/AOR/Pop/Rock

Rating 82/100

Band Members Lori Chacko – Vocals, G.E. Smith,John McCurry,Jeff Golub – Guitars, Alan St. Jon – Keyboards, Leigh Foxx – Bass, Thommy Price – Drums

Tracks 01. Once Bitten, Twice Shy (2:55), 02. Life on the Planet (3:18), 03. What’s New (3:17), 04. Out of Time (Song for Margo) (3:37), 05. I Know (3:24), 06. Viva la Difference (3:24), 07. Exception (2:52), 08. Somewhere in Between (3:13), 09. Pushing and Pulling (3:30), 10. At a Time Like This (4:23)

Profile Lori Chacko founded by producer Joey Balin known for his co-operation with Warlock, when  he saw her performing with a local London band called Amazon. Joey Balin help her with her self-titled debut album came out in 1986 where we met among others keyboardist Alan St. Jon from Billy Squier, bassist Leigh Foxx of Franke & The Knockouts, Scandal fame and drummer Thommy Price of Scandal, Price/Sulton fame. The opening song “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” nothing to do with the theme of Great White gain TV attention on MTV played regularly for a long period while it was released as a single also with several sales. “Pushing and Pulling” is personally the best moment of the record with great riff melody, super catchy chorus that in parts reminds Simple Minds. The rest of the songs varied between pop, rock and new wave style, also quite remarkable as the two ballads “Out of Time (Song for Margo)” and “At a Time Like This”. Very enjoyable album that worth your attention…


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