CC & Kola – Many Roads [1995]

Country USA

Style Melodic Rock/AOR/Pop

Rating 80/100

Band Members Connie Croteau, Terry Tericola

Tracks 01. Deceptions (Psycho Bitch) 93:54), 02. Oh No (3:25), 03. Nothing But A Thing (3:30), 04. Heaven Or Hell (3:35), 05. Veggie Dip (3:00), 06. Hangin’ (3:22), 07. The Beggar (3:38), 08. Move On (3:28), 09. You Can Count On Me (3:40), 10. The Queen Of QVC (2:37)

Profile This band is a female and male duo, hail from Lake Worth, Florida.  The album is fronted by female vocalist Connie Croteau – she delivers passionate, infectious vocals in the vein of the albums from Ivory Rose and Signature.  There are some duets on this record as well – there are elements of pop and aor all over this indie. There are awesome vocals on this release, the beautiful aor-ish “You Can Count On Me” is an excellent ballad, as is the rockers, “Hangin’ ‘” and “Heaven Or Hell”. Worth the search and be in your collection.

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