Catwalk – Catwalk [1985]

R-5205326-1387403094-6123Country Finland          

Style Bluesy Hard Rock

Rating 75/100

Band Members Mikko Löytty – Bass, Matti Takala – Drums, Heikki Silvennoinen – Guitar, Pointero – Vocals

Tracks 01. Catwalk (4:02), 02. Woman (2:47), 03. Crippled Face Boogie (4:45), 04. Stop Me Doin ( 3:18), 05. Sunshine (4:03), 06. Fire (3:01), 07. In The Night (2:55), 08. If You Wanna (3:58), 09. Lonely Time (3:52), 10. Backless (5:42)

Profile A hard rock band from Tampere, Finland. Catwalk released their first single in 1984 and released two albums in Finland in the mid 1980s but never had big success. the band’s sound can be described as oriented melodic rock with some blues parts featuring one of Finland’s top blues guitarists Heikki Silvennoinen. Silvennoinen became a national celebrity in the early ’90s in the TV comedy series “Kummeli”. Singer Heikki Vihinen is nowadays a theatre manager and currently writing a script for a Renny Harlin film about Marshall Mannerheim.


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