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Lady – Lady [1976]

c9a019ddbbdf1a53c574e6afbe090e10Country Germany          Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 80/100

Band Members Werner Nadolny – Organ,strings,piano,synthesizers, Claus Zaake – Drums,percussion, Christian Reinhardt – Bass,lead vocals, Hanno Grossmann – Guitars

Tracks 01. Midnight Mover, 02. Give Yourself a Chance, 03. Without You, 04. Sailor, 05. On the Road, 06. World of Fantasy, 07. Sixteen, 08. Lonesome

Profile Lady hailed from Hannover, Niedersachsen formed in 1974 by ex-Jane keyboard player Werner Nadolny. Their single “Without you” and “On the Road” gain minor success back on 1976 the year they release their self-titled album  featuring pomp-rock not that different from the parent group with a progressive touch in some parts. Strong songwriting and outstanding melodies compose this rarity. At the end of 1976, Grossmann and Zaake quit and were replaced by Matthias Jabs (later with Scorpions) and Rob Perotti. The band was active till 1982. If you are in vein of bands like Dull Knife, Fargo, Harrison, Panka & Nadolny, Jane, The JP’s, Lady Jane and Scorpions check these guys…



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S.S. Fools – S.S. Fools [1976]

SS_FOOLS_STCountry USA          Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 76/100

Band Members
Bobby Kimball – Lead Vocals,Keyboards, Floyd Sneed – Drums,Backing Vocals, Joe Schermie – Bass,Backing Vocals, Michael Allsup – Guitars,Backing Vocals, Stan Seymore – Guitars,Backing Vocals, Wayne Devillier – Keyboards,Backing Vocals

01. First Things First (3:22), 02. Desert Dancin’ (3:37), 03. Tearbanks (4:34), 04. Baby’s Calling Me Home (4:54), 05. Fool Hard-E (4:23), 06. I Just Love The Feeling (5:11), 07. Sunnyridge (4:24), 08. Whatever Happened To America (4:02), 09. Why Can’t You Be Mine (3:18)

Profile S.S. Fools is a short lived outfit from California formed in 1975 and their one and only album released in 1976. Three members of the 3 Dog Night rhythm section quit the band (Schernie left in 1974, Allsup and Snead in 1975). They joined with Bobby Kimball (2 years before he joined Toto) and two others to form S.S. Fools. The name of the band was derived from the “Seven Separate Fools” 1973 album by 3 Dog Night.

The album features two Kimball compositions along with one by David Paich. A Boz Scaggs song from his Steve Miller Band tenure is also included. Stephen Stills was recording in the next studio when this album was being recorded. He co-wrote the lead off track with Schermie. 3 Dog Night producer Richard Podolor was behind the glass for this project.

The album did not have a very good popularity, although the band’s singer Bobby Kimball , after the dissolution of the band (the same happened in 1976 during the tour to promote the album) will be contacted by Toto , with which he would become famous.


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Teaze – Teaze [1976]

Country Canada          Style Hard Rock

Rating 79/100

Band Members
Chuck Price – Guitar, Mike Kozak – Drums, Mark Bradac – Guitar, Brian Danter – Vocals,bass

01. Rockin’ With the Music , 02. Flames Keep Growing , 03. Come On, Hold On , 04. Believe in Rock ‘N Roll , 05. Boys Night Out , 06. Hot to Trot , 07. Dirty Sweet Loving , 08. Open My Eyes

Profile Ontario-based Teaze were more popular in Japan during a short tour in 1978 than the band’s entire career in their native country. Formed in 1975 by Chuck Price, Mike Kozak, Mark Bradac and Brian Danter, Teaze only released one popular single in Canada, “Sweet Misery” in 1978.

The group was powered by a heavy but no-nonsense approach. Dinghy bars and crowded nightclubs served as the group’s backdrop for the next couple of years, all the while honing their sound, but never really gaining a substantial following with the local crowds.

Despite this, Teaze was recognized by Bob Rags at Terry Flood Management and the group was signed to Aquarius records in 1977. Their debut album was self-titled and failed to make a dent in the charts or an impression with the audience. Driven by straight-forward low production, their first record was as raw a sound as one could capture in a studio, as evidenced by the tracks “Rockin With The Music”, co-written by George Young – older brother and producer of Ac/Dc’s Angus & Malcolm, “Hot To Trot” and “Boys’ Night Out”.

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Solid Ground – Made in Rock [1976]

Country Sweden          Style Hard Rock

Rating 76/100

Band Members
Gösta Hjelmquist – Guitar,Backing Vocals, Peter Eklund – Bass, Björn Uhr – Guitar,Backing Vocals, Anders Berge – Drums

01. Saturday Rae, 02. Just Tell Me, 03. This Bloody Town, 04. Mata Hari, 05. Oh Lord, 06. Tombstone Kiss, 07. Rock ‘n’ Roller, 08. 16, 09. Solid Ground


SOLID GROUND was formed in 1974. The members came from other band projects. Anders Berge and Gösta Hjelmqvist was earlier playing in a band called 4-ever, who played more proggresiv rock with lyrics written in Swedish. However they wanted to start something new and heavier, so they started looking for a bass and sologuitarist. After they had tried some bassguitarists, they came in contact with Peter Eklund who had finished job in another band. They realised immediately that this was the bassplayer they wanted.

Two months later they came in contact with Björn Uhr, who they had known for a while. They asked him if he wanted to join the band, and so they become the SOLID GROUND. The band become Sweden’s heaviest band during the mid Seventies. Solid Ground signed up to SCAM records. A label owned by the former Violents and Hepstars member Hazze Östlund. In 1975 the band played a lot of gigs around the Stockhholm area, and also some places outside Stockholm. They also recorded their first single record, with the two tracks: “Tell me” and “My song”. In January 1976 they recorded their album:”Made in rock”.

The tracks on the record were recorded in only one day. Two days later they came back to the studio for the final mixing. For many reasons, the record didn’t sell quite well, and finally when the guys was called for their dutys in the army, they decided to quit the band.

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