Brent Lamb – One Man [1986]


RATING: 83/100


Brent Lamb – Vocals, Mark Hammond – Drums, Mike Brignardello – Bass, Jon Goin – Guitars, Dann Huff – Guitars, Phil Naish – Keys


1. One man, 2. Destination home, 3.The seasons of my soul, 4. A dime a dozen, 5. Ambush, 6. Line of fire, 7. I love you anyway, 8. Crazy mad man, 9. Tell me why, 10. All that I can be


The Christian artist BRENT LAMB released many albums in his career. I have picked out one that features some great AOR tracks. The album is titled ‘One man’ and was released in 1986. When listening to the album I note that it sounds very much like the debut album of ROBERT TEPPER that was titled ‘No easy way out’ and released around the same year as BRENT LAMB’s album ‘One man’. Also notable are some of the same musicians being used on both albums, such as Bassist Mike Brignardello and Guitarist Dann Huff.

Just like ROBERT TEPPER’s album ‘No easy way out’, also BRENT LAMB’s album ‘One man’ features excellent AOR tracks as well as poppier hi-tech moments. The album starts with “One man”, a high-quality pompous AOR song like SWEET COPMFORT BAND, ALLIES and the first MICHAEL BOLTON album. There are some beautiful harmonyvocals during the chorus. Next track “Destination home” is much softer and moves into Pop territory, not unlike the first STEVE PERRY solo-album.

Moving on with “The seasons of my soul”, a nice semi AOR ballad like the first ALLIES album. Very poppy is the following track “A dome a dozen”. More rock based is the closing track of side-A, “Ambush”, still pop overtones, little like KENNY LOGGINS during the mid eightees.

Side-B starts with “Line of fire” and this song sounds very close to ROBERT TEPPER’s classic “No easy way out”. But still also this BRENT LAMB’s song is wonderful Classic 80s Keyboard AOR with a lovely guitarsolo by Dan Huff. One of the better songs on this album. Next track “I love you anyway is a popballad.

The following track is the lighter AOR/FM rocker “Crazy mad man”, disturbed by a saxsolo. Then we get to hear the best track on the whole album, namely “Tell me why”. This song has a superb AOR chorus that has a lot of SURVIVOR/JOURNEY similarities. Just listen to the wonderful classic AOR keys in this song. The closing track of this album is “All that I can be”, a poppy semi ballad like WHITE HEART.

The album has a few highlights for the fan of pure 80s AOR, but there’s also a lot of Pop influences. Still highly recommended if you liked the debut album of ROBERT TEPPER (‘No easy way out’).

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  1. reformedboy says:

    Totally agree with this review! This was one of my favorite albums in the mid-80’s. I’ve looked for it ever since I lost the tape, but haven’t been able to find it in digital format. I just found the YouTube version of ‘One Man’ and ‘Tell Me Why’ but can’t find any of the other tracks.

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