Bravo – Desierto Sin Amor [1991]

PhotobucketCOUNTRY: Argentina          STYLE: Melodic Hard Rock

RATING: 82/100


Cae – Vocals, acoustic & slide guitars, Eve Monroe – Bass, Alex Einstein – Keyboard & piano, Ely De Ross – Electic & spanish guitars, Ari Elias – Drums


1. Inocente Corazón, 2. Fácil, 3. Amor Suicida, 4. Noche Blanca, 5. Taxi, 6. Desierto Sin Amor, 7. Dulce y Sexy , 8. Si Esto es Amor, 9. Nada Que Perder, 10. No Voy a Caer


1st album from this glam/hard rock band from Argentina formed back in 1989. from Cae. Cae born on October 20 under the sign of Libra child discovered his vocation as an artist while mixing the playground with music lessons. During his teens he was part of several rock bands with which toured the circuit of pubs and clubs that made up the so-called “underground Buenos Aires”, until he decided to create with his brother Ariel and three friends, a musical project that initially called it “Rocket “but months later rebautizarían” Bravo “. “Wilderness without love” was the song that gave name to the first album the group and climbed to the Number 1 ranking all radio during the early months of ’91, while presented in the most watched programs of the television, the animator of artistic godfather Marcelo Tinelli. Soon the playing style and charisma, the then longhaired CAE, cut the figure of the singer and songwriter of the group.

Bravo was one of the bands in the late 80s emerged from the litter of soft metal with bands like Scotland or Deja Vu. The album “Desert without Love”, “Sacrifice” and “Bravo III” took their image and voice of CAE to the top of popularity in Argentina, attracting a female audience for what was unpublished Hard rock at that time of the labor ballads like “Desert without Love” “A Long History of Love” and his megahit “I remember you.”


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