Bombay Cafe – Corporate Mind’s Eye [1994]

Country USA

Style Hard Rock

Rating 82/100

Band Members Brian Kostic – Keyboards,Guitars,Backing Vocals, Jamie Wanzenried – Vocals, Marty Gass – Drums,Percussion,Backing Vocals, Rege Zirngibl – Guitars,Backing Vocals, Terry McHugh – Bass,Backing Vocals

Tracks 01. Even Plane (4:39), 02. Feel It (3:43), 03. Lies (3:11), 04. Corporate Mind’s Eye (4:09), 05. Leave You Cold (3:36), 06. It’s Not Real (4:06), 07. It’s Never Enough (3:55), 08. Sole Survivor (4:11)

Profile Awesome female fronted US indie and very hard to be found nowdays released by the band in 1994, produced by the band and David Thomas. Predominantly uptempo melodic hard rock with great soaring female vocals, some nice keys and guitar work and….some awesome harmony backing vocals. A rare treat that must be experienced to appreciate. In the vein of bands like Blue 46, XPress and Hammered Blue.

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Bombay Cafe - Corporate Mind's Eye [1994], 6.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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