Bombay – Bombay [1996]

s-l1600Country USA

Style Hard Rock

Rating 75/100

Band Members Troy Williver – Guitar, Mark Langley Williams – Vocals, Alan Crouch – Bass, Jared Stowell – Drums

Tracks 01. Black Ink Pool (4:06), 02. Shallow Grave (6:05), 03. Steal your Soul (3:07), 04. You Know (2:31), 05. White Lightning (3:19), 06. Leave me Alone (6:57), 07. Twilight Sunrise (4:10), 08. Shangri-La (5:54), 09. Desire (5:17), 10. Baby Jane (4:56), 11. Ocean (5:40), 12. Sunday Afternoon (3:18), 13. Cold (3:28)

Profile Bombay hailed from Portland and their self-titled debut album came out in 1996 is one of the rarest albums out in the market and one most collectors don’t know exists. This is easily as rare as the big indies such as Roughneck and Big Game, produced by the band and Dennis Carter. Musically it’s a cross between hard rock and metal with crunchy guitar riffs and screaming vocals just like a combination of Dirty Looks and Junkyard. Definetely “Steal Your Soul” and “White Lightning” are two of the best tunes of the record sound like AC/DC just be too fast, followed by the rocking “Ocean” having an exploding riff into the chorus.

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Bombay - Bombay [1996], 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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