Boize – I’ll Still Love You [1991]

BOIZE_ISLYCountry Canada          

Style Sleaze Glam/Hard Rock

Rating 78/100

Band Members Zany Shultz – Bass,keyboards,backing vocals, Siegfried – Drums, Floyd Harem – Guitar, Fyia Powers – Vocals

Tracks 01. I’ll Still Love You (03:54), 02. The Bug (04:35), 03. Uhh Beauty (03:21), 04. Out of Your Mind (04:45), 05. In Too Deep (04:23), 06. I Need You (04:03), 07. Boize Boys (03:32), 08. Give Me Your Love (03:39), 09. Can’t You See (04:01), 10. Everytime You Come Home (05:10)

Profile Boize were a heavy metal band from Montreal, Quebec founded by Robert Kourie (Floyd Harem) on guitar and Stephane Fania (Zany Shultz) on bass in 1988 following the break-up of their band Alter-Ego. After auditioning 30 to 40 vocalist during a few months, Perry Blainey (Fiya Powers, an Ozzy Osbourne type) was chosen as the frontman in April 1989. In the late summer they went to Studio Works to record five songs for their first demo (The Bug), which was released in October 1989, on which Steph also did the keyboards and drum machine. After shopping around the demo, they landed their first TV interview in late 1989.

In January 1990, Boize held auditions to find a drummer and Scott MacDonald came into the band. It wasn’t long before they played their first show at L’Intro, and this was followed by weekly shows. Their first attempt at expanding to a second guitarist was for a show at L’Intro on May 26th 1990 where rhythm guitarist Pascal joined. By that time Imagination Records had already signed them to a recording contract and an album release contract. The label took them to Cherry Studios that summer to record nine songs for their first full-length album. However in November, the label’s plans for the band had changed, and Boize legally broke their contract with them.

They were picked up by Bill Hill Productions in February 1991, and immediately went to Frank Marino’s studio to attempt to remix and remaster some of the Cherry Studios recordings. The music was poorly recorded, so they decided to simply re-record 4 of the songs, and use it as a promo tape demo (I’ll Still Love You) to send out to labels. They got the Sherwood brothers (Kim and Dorian) to feature choir vocals on “In Too Deep”. In March Steve Berger (Steve Bahr, aka Minou) joined as permanent second guitarist. At the same time, Boize was interviewed at CHOM-FM for the show “Made in Canada”, on which the entire second demo was played. That summer, Bill Hill Productions attempted to make a single out of the song “In Too Deep”, with a music video and a CD single pressing to shop to radio stations, but it never happened and instead they began working on a massive plan for an EP.

In January 1992, Boize went to Mo-tel Studio to record for the fourth time, this time for their first officially distributed album, the self-titled Boize EP. Bill Hill Productions was not going in the same direction as the band, so they once again broke ties, and formed their own record label, U-Iliot Records, and continued using their publishing company, Klink Publishing, which had been in use since early 1991. To promote the release, which would be pressed on 5000 cassettes and 500 CDs, they created posters (pressed in 5000 units), t-shirts, hats and stickers and also shot a music video for “Get a Life” at Backstreet (their most frequently played venue), with a huge crowd, that was aired on Musique Plus and MuchMusic. The album release concert took place at Sam’s Rock Bar on April 21st, 1992 and was an immediate hit in for the local scene. That May they played with National Velvet at Backstreet, and from there, national distribution deals started being offered (including a serious offer from Aquarius Records), and they were booked almost constantly all around Montreal clubs all summer long. On August 15th and 16th 1992, Boize was invited to headline the Montmagny Festival (Festival Des Oies) on its last two dates of the week long concert. Whatever was left of the merchandise pressed for the EP was sold out during those shows.

At the tail end of 1992, Perry left the band and was replaced by Carlos (a Bruce Dickinson type). To celebrate his joining, Boize went to play “Run to the Hills” at a local club that night, and the fans approved of the new vocalist. After recording a rehearsal demo that winter, Steve left the band to go live in Gaspesie. The four-piece continued on to play shows, including a 3-night stint at bar L’Enfer in Sherbrooke, where they were begged to keep coming back. Carlos left in February 1993, and as they already had a shows lined up for March and April, they found a temporary replacement. The March 20th 1993 show ended up being the last Boize show because Scott would quit in April, and the temporary vocalist would be let go.


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