Bloc – In The Free Zone [1991]


Style AOR/Pop/Rock

Rating 80/100

Band Members Camille Henry – Vocals, percussion, Nels Cline – Guitars, vocals, Nicholas Kirgo – Guitars, vocals, Stuart Liebig – Bass, vocals, Christopher Mancinelli – Drums, percussion, vocals

Tracks 1. Speak, 2. Follow, 3. Take It Up, 4. Hard To Say (What Went Wrong), 5. I Can’t Stand The Rain, 6. No Shadow, 7. You Could Run Away, 8. Not A Secret Dance, 9. Free Zone, 10. Ghosts, 11 Dying Fires

Profile Major label funky rock that has to be one of the most ’80’s-sounding records recorded in the ’90’s. This band was really like a disfunctional family. A stylish affair from this Californian outfit BLOC. They venture into a funky if at times hi-tech sound, which infuses so many influences from the eighties. A few from that era come along for the nostalgic ride: like Prince, Rick Springfield, Darling Cruel, B52’s plus many others that skip my memory.

Upon first listen, the vocals of Camille drift in the same direction as Andrea Corr. She does bring in other styles too, especially when BLOC rock up a bit. The stylish aspect comes in the shape of Nels Cline’s guitarwork, which is technical, interesting, and interweaves different styles throughout. Someone like Australian guitar god Tommy Emmanuel for instance. Tony Peluso, who’s been around the track with a few AOR bands does the production duties.


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