Blind Date – She’s Got The Fire [1985]

Country USA

Style Hard Rock

Rating 82/100

Band Members Kenny Claypool – Vocals,guitars, Fulton Calvery – Guitars,keyboards,backing vocals, J.D. Hart – Bass,guitars,backing vocals, Bob Sander – Drums,backing vocals

Tracks 01. Dancer, 02. I Want You Back, 03. There Might be a Heaven, 04. In the Cards, 05. Next Time, 06. What Ever Happened To Heros, 07. She’s Got The Fire

Profile Stafford, Kansas based band acted in the mid 80s by musicians working years in the music scenes with good reputation. The band played in many local clubs in the Midwest released this 7-tracks tape a demo actually back in 1985. Although the production is not the best the quality of the songs will leave you satisfy reminds bands like Loverboy, Bad Gypsy and early Bon Jovi with songs ranges from keyboard-oriented AOR to glammy hard rock. In 1988 in Los Angeles recorded and release the single “Thunder and Lightning / Town Is Hot”.

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