Country Spain

Style Hard Rock/Metal/Progressive Rock

After trying so many times to get a stable line-up for the band, in 1996, Fran decided to form the band again with the following members : Victor de la Rubia (guitar), Txarly (drums), Alex Beltrán (keyboards), Goos (bass) and Efraín, vocals. In Spring ’97 they started to perform live and in May of that same year they entered in a studio to record their first demo. In 1998, they kept writing lyrics and playing in some of the region’s contests.

In summer 1998, they started looking for a new vocalist as their previous one left the band and, after a while, even Víctor de la Rubia decided to leave. Eventually, the band selected Yiyi as a vocalist (previously singer of the band Odunrock) while Fran decided to temporarily play the guitar. The band decided to move to Granada for their singer education and, at the same time, the new drummer Sergio Stravinski joined in. They toured through the Alhambra city ‘till spring 1999. TYR then came back to their native ragion with their previous member Txarly (drums) and Jacobo García who joined the band to play guitar together with Fran.

They took place in the Feria de Las Lagunas together with Mago de Oz and, a year after, Efraìn departed from them ; however, the band gained prizes in contests like Sopa Bolo Rock (Álora-Málaga) and Passion Rock (La Rambla-Córdoba). In July, Jacobo decided to leave the band and so TYR had Jon Zagalaz joining in (Dhunna and Doctor V). On the 18th of August 1999 , Jon Zagalaz performed live in the Fiestas de Pizarra (Málaga), ten days before taking part in the first MijasRock festival in front of bands like Baron Rojo, Avalanch, Easy Rider and Tierra Santa.

With a solid line-up, TYR decided to go to Madrid at the end of October to work on their first record. After finishing recording their album in March 2000, the band started finding a way to have it released but without luck. They kept working for their live shows together with international bands ; in the second edition of MijasRock they supported Stratovarius and Rhapsody, at the end of the year, they travelled to La Republica (Valencia) to take part in the Spanish tour of Metalium and Avalon ; after that, Manhu left the band and Sergio Belmonte (Phantasy) joined in as keyboardist. In July 2001, the Rock Machina festival invited the band to take part in one of the most important heavy metal gathering in Europe, to open the show for bands such as Symphony X, Rhapsody, Lacuna Coil, In Flames, Kamelot and Gamma Ray in the beach of Moncofa (Castellón).

The album the band released almost two years earlier, came out for selling on the 26th of November 2001 under the Dynamo Records label, a division of Locomotivemusic. In April they debuted in La Oreja Metalica by Viña Rock, finishing in Septmeber of that very same year in Abeja Metalica de Guadalajara. In Summer, Sergio Belmonte left the band and Manhu temporarily joined in again. After one year from the release of their first album, TYR entered the studio to start working on the demos for their second one.

In January 2003, the five members of the band Yiyi, Fran, Jon, Goos and Txarly got together to talk about the future of the band, deciding to take a break. In 2004, the band started working again adjusting their previous work with Jon Zagalaz at the production. In summer 2004, they started developing the new album with the drums sessions in the Estudios Control Remoto (Málaga). On December the 8th, they restarted with the recording of the album…7 months of production that finished in summer 2005 with the announcement of TYR to come back to their orgins.

– TYR [2001]
– Hipokrisia [2006]




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