Country Argentine

Style Sleaze Glam


With the arrival of Ariel Belont, the band Suite 19 came to a stable line-up together with its former members : LEONEL SUITE, MARTIN LOU and C.J. SCHARG. Once together, the band started working on new tracks and ajdusting the previous released, to hold their very first live show on the 2nd of August 1997 in Die Schule, a very famous place in Argentina.

In 1998 the band found itself with many tracks and gave birth to their first release : Generación Freak; it was hard for the band to select the tracks. In January they entered the PANDA studios to work with the producer MARIO ALTAMIRANO, well known for working together with A.N.I.M.A.L., Todos tus Muertos, F. Cadillacs, etc. The recording lasted four months and Joe Ledde was in charge of the mixing. The album was edited in summer 1999.

Suite 19 started that year with a promotional tour in Costa Atlántica Argentina, including presentations in the Mar del Plata, famous in the most important radios (D-Rock, Rock & Pop Beach, FM Top) and specialized in graphics media (DG Magazine and Fondo de Rock), gainin success and having the first copies of Generación Freak distribuited along the coast. During that year, the band Ataque 77 invited them to open their show in Showcenter ; in front of 800 people, Suite 19 displayed all their Rock music channeling it in specialized medias such as Madhouse, Generación X, I-SAT, Music Shop, Kiss Fever Magazine, Rock & Pop, etc.

The official presentation of the debut album of Suite 19 was held in the Hard Rock Cafè in Buenos Aires that went sold out. The CD sold really good and the first edition went sold out. In October the band started thinking about their next album and in the meantime they were contacted by Kiss Fever to work on two important projects : the former was to take part in the latin American Kiss tribute and the latter was to share the stage with Union.

The band finally recorded the album All American Man, moreover they prepared a special Set List for the commitments with UNION. The dates were the following : the 10th and the 11th of December 1999. In the year 2000 they decided to move to Los Angeles, California (USA), to mark a turning point in their career.



– Generacion Freak [1998]


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