Country USA

Style Hard Rock/Alternative Metal

Every once in a while a bad decision can have a very, very good outcome. Just ask the members of Oklahoma City’s SIVA Addiction. Formed in 2008, by singer Bridgette Oliver and drummer Brandon Fields, the band immediately proved themselves as a force to be reckoned with throughout the Midwest. Immediately, the band began developing relationships both locally and regionally that would benefit them for the rest of their career. They recorded and released their first album, Artifice, produced by Mike Finucane (Element, Empty Crush) in early 2009. Artifice put the band on the map, receiving worldwide accolades and securing the band several endorsement deals. “The first time I logged into our MySpace account and saw 1,000 plays for the day I couldn’t believe it! I immediately called Mike, our producer, and shared our happiness. It was such a feeling of accomplishment to know people were actually into our music.”

In late 2009 the band entered the studio with multi platinum awarded producer, David Prater and emerged with the mind blowing remix of the single “Dirty Secret” from Artifice. The new version of “Dirty Secret” laid the groundwork for SIVA Addiction, receiving airplay across the globe on key internet and terrestrial radio stations alike.

With the band in full swing they kept the momentum going by entering BarCode Studios with Hinder drummer, Cody Hanson and Marshall Dutton. “I grew up with Cody from a young age so knowing him was just an everyday thing,” says drummer, Brandon Fields. “But bringing our songs in and letting him put his spin on them help bring them to life. I was very pleased everytime I got a mix back to hear what he had done and how the tracks turned out.”

Bad Decisions opens with the conflicted title track, as the main female character struggles with her inner angel and devil to partake in a doomed relationship with a former lover, which then leads into the hook laden and powerful first single and video, “One Night Rodeo.” “Gone Away” is a commemorative track about the legacy of “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott. “I know there have been tributes and songs about Dime written time and time again,”says Oliver,”but I feel like he is one of the legends that has earned the right to live through his fans.” “More Than A Memory” was inspired by the HBO original series True Blood. It seems Bridgette has a bit of a fascination with the show, “I am definitely ate up with the series! We were writing the new album and it happened to be right in the middle of a True Blood season so I was deep into the storyline. I received the rough guitar tracks from Vince and Andy and I immediately felt the connection so I wrote a song about the bittersweet love affair between Bill and Sookie.” “Night to 5” was written because of a broken down tour bus and the Colorado adventure that ensued.

Eschewing the local band stance of playing local clubs and doing covers every other weekend, SIVA Addiction invested in a tour bus and took to the road, playing with bands such as In This Moment, Jackyl, Drowning Pool, Evans Blue, Papa Roach and Five Finger Death Punch to name but a few. “I always pick the brains of my close industry friends and early on they all said the same thing…get out of OKC and set your sights high,” says Bridgette. “Start small and spiral your way out until you’ve played the whole state…then the region…then the country. I took it to heart and if you’ve ever tried touring for longer than a weekend you find out quick a van is a terrible way to do it. We were fortunate in that we had the means to invest in a tour bus to make our journey a little more comfortable. We got lucky – Jesse has a CDL and Brandon is used to driving fire trucks.

The final track on Bad Decisions, “Freedom” holds a special place in the hearts of the SIVA Addiction members, especially guitarist, Andy Hopkins and bassist, Jesse Slone, both of whom are veterans of the Army National Guard 45th Infantry Brigade. Jesse served 6 years and Andy served 3. “It sucked,” Slone recalls. “I hated having to shave and keep my hair short, and I hated people telling me what to do. But if I had to do it over I would. The four lines in the second verse of Freedom sums it up for me.”

The momentum is just starting to build for the Oklahoma rockers and they’re not about to sit around idly and let opportunities pass them by. “”One of the most frequent questions we get is what the band name means,” Oliver says. “SIVA is Sanskrit for one who is destined for success. We’re all additionally extremely stubborn and know what we want, and we want to make an impact on this industry…leave a mark that matters.”

– Artifice [2009]
– Bad Decisions [2012]


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