Country Spain

Style Hard Rock

After the dissolution of Abu Simbel, Miguel Angel Gala “Miki”, receives a call from guitarist José Francisco Salgado “Kiko”, former colleague at Armageddon, who offers him write some songs together. After writing these songs and decided to record them while creating what will be his first demo, to make it possible, also have former Abu Simbel, Penedo Alejandro “Alex” as second guitarist, and vocalist Juan Carlos Garcia “Chimo” , who is immersed in his project MAGIC.

In September 2009, the group brings to light the five topics within their first demo, which they share with the world via the free download. In October this year the band incorporated Raul Torrijos “Torry” on drums and Claudio Ródenas “Clau” on bass, who collated his work in SINESTRESS with his band of origin, our good friends Koven. In March 2010, Clau is forced to leave the band due to lack of time, but is quickly replaced by his friend Jorge Daza, bassist CHAINSAW that adapts beautifully to the group.

In late July, Raul Torrijos, “Torry” is replaced by Jose Luis Vega, who was formerly part of ritual and ELSINOR in the drum seat, Raúl to offer the opportunity to focus 100% on their original bands, our Koven dear friends, who also premiered bassist, and in parallel with his other band,.. S GARCOL.

– Sinistress [2011]


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