Country Spain

Style Hard Rock
PhotobucketIt was back in 1987 that Sebas M. Guerrero, Juan J. Tamayo, Tony Jurado and Rubén formed together a band called  SHALOM.

They started playing and writing lyrics and, in May of that year, they headed to the ACM studios in Málaga, where they recorded the very first professional demo: those four tracks where the first step that would have opened all the doors to success.

In September they sent the demo to a television manager who was known to have the fingers in every pie and, in October, the band was called to record a musical called « A TOPE ». in the Televisión Española

The band started promoting itself in magazines and in some radios where people would keep calling there to ask for information about them. Other than that, the band started sending their demo in tons of record labels here and there. In one of the interviews they held, they stated : « Madrid bands are total crap and worthless, except for Barón Rojo ». That comment rose hell in the local music world and, even though everyone was well aware that those words were partially true, the band was taken to a dislike by many musicians and picked up a reputation.

However, the Tv program was broadcasted in February 1988 (with a gaffe by the presenter who introduced them as La Línea !). Despite that, people started knowing the band in the whole country and in March, Radio Madrid, awarded them with the first national prize for demos.

While the most important radios where playing “Cógeme” and “Buscando rollo” they began playing in Ceuta together with some local bands, that were starting their debut in music. Other than Ceuta, they played in Coslada and in Ubrique, in a discotheque where the set was just a little bigger than a kitchen table.

Despite sending demos left,right and center, nobody was paying attention to them  and eventually they decided to split up till spring 1989, where they reunited together again. They had them introduced the keyboardist Chico Valdivia and Juan came up with the idea to have him join the band and add keyboard sounds to the songs, so to take part in a competition that would have been held in Algeciras.

On the 5th of August, they took part in one of the four semi-finals together with other bands to eventually reach the final together with Destrozamitos and Los nervios de Job. SHALOM got the first prize after all the efforts put through the years and thanks to that, they could record their very first LP.

After a couple of days and with only their excellent demo recorded in Málaga, they started a mini- tour with the Súper Uno of the Cadena SER in different towns, starting from Algeciras on August the 16th in front of 12.000 people, to reach then La Línea, Ceuta, Cádiz, Jerez and finally in Sevilla on the 22nd of August. A total of 60.000 people in a week.

After some months where the band kept asking daily to the city council for the money of the prize to start recording, they finally made it on the 16th of October 1989. They worked on it till the 26th of that same month to eventually come up with 10 songs with exceptional sound.

In November, they went to Madrid to carry a copy of it to the record label, in a few days they had all set, including the album cover and the pictures, thanks to Mariano Vargas who didn’t charge the band of any cost and picked his girlfirend as a model for the cover. As for the album title, they went for the band’s.

In January 1990 the album was for sale, a single would play in the main 40 of the whole country, reaching position 39, and the band appeared in local magazines with praises from the critics for their album ; they held interviews in radios and received awards as best band of the years in some others. That very same year they played in Sevilla to promote the album toegther with a local band called ACRACIA.

They presented the album in Madrid with success among the crowd, where bands like Boicot and Tokio played before them. The band played in Tavalera de la Reina, in Moguer and, at the end of the year, in Sevilla to record part of the tracks of the second album in a demo that would be sent to their record label however, they didn’t seem to be happy with the band’s work.

The band was playing every now and then in small places at that time, they took part in a campaign for the People’s Party, played in the Alcázar theatre in Sevilla, in Tavalera de la Reina again and finally recorded a tv program. As the « all the good things come to an end », in 1992, during the Olympics in Barcelona, the band was in a stalemate and eventually, during Spring of that year they split-up.

However, despite Rubén leaving the band, they had a young bassist join in to replace him : Simón de La Palma. At the beginning of the year 1995, as no labels were interested in them, they decided to record an LP by themselves and at their on expenses. On the 6th of June they started recording to finish on the 15th of August, where they had the album ready.

The second SHALOM LP was born, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Nevertheless, Tony decided to leave the band even if he recorded all the drums parts. The album came out under the BIG BANG RECORD label (Granada) and again Mariano Vargas took care of the pictures and the album cover. The cd was released in May 1996 with the title “Séptimo Cielo”.

The band took part to a concert with the Súper Uno of the SER for 15.000 people and in August they had another in Los Barrios, even if they had a session drummer playing with them. After that, the band came with the decision to split up and they took their separate ways. Nothing has been done till today for a reunion but, as the movie « Gone With The Wind » used to state…Tomorrow is another day.

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– Shalom [1989]
– Septimo Cielo [1995]

Thanks to Sebas M. Guerrero

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