Style Hard Rock

Country France
PhotobucketSHAKIN’ STREET Shakin’Street is a french band ,yes my friend ,hard to beleive ? Well,it’s the truth , I swear . Formed in the mid 70’s by Fabienne Shine and Eric Levisalles. The first line up didn’t last long . One gig at the Mont de Marsan first punk festival in France and that was it for this first “mouture” of the band . Their performance was rather poor but luckyly, a good review was published in the New Musical Express, along with a photo of Fabienne on her knees … Back in Paris ,She and Eric decided to ask Louis Bertignac (guitar) and Corinne Marienneau (Bass) to leave the band ,which they did. They went their way and formed Telephone who simply became the biggest french rock band ever . 1977 , the year punk broke out, the band toured clubs in London, opening for Eddie and the Hot Rods, the Gorillas and Little Bob Story. 1978 , drummer ,Jean-Lou Kalinowski gave a cassette tape recorded in a basement to a friend who hapenned to work for CBS. Two weeks later Shakin’Street had a record deal! That’s when Mike Winter and Armik Tigranne joined the band to record what would be their first album “Vampire rock” . It was Recorded in the famous Olympic Studio’s in London. Ian Stewart, who they had met during the “Some girls” recording sessions in Paris laid down a great piano track on “No time to loose”. The overall sound of the album could have been better, but then CBS didn’t provide a real producer to do the job. Oh well !! When the album came out, they toured and toured mostly France and England. 1979 was the year the band really got into serious business. Fabienne met producer Sandy Pearlman (Blue oyster cult, the Clash, Pavlov’s dog) in Paris and convinced him to listen to her band which he eventually did. Sandy saw right away that this band had a great potential. He met CBS boss in Paris and got a huge budget to record the second album . One last little problem needed to be solved before they could start the recordings. Armik ,the guitar player, had sold his last guitar before a gig to buy his dope suply for the day.

A replacement was needed. Ross the Boss (The Dictators) got a call from Sandy and was asked to fly to France to meet a new band he was producing. The new line up was now ready to kick some ass . Later that year, they flew to N.Y. and then to San Francisco to rehearse the new songs .The Automatt Studio was chosen to record the tracks . Guests were famous: Alan Pasqua (keyboard) and Armando Perezza (Percussions) from Santana and Alen Lanier (keyboard) from BOC . During this period of time they played clubs in L.A. and S.F. to warm up for their first huge gig, the “Day on the Green” with BOC, Cheap Trick, Pat Travers and UFO . 1980 : Shakin’Street eponimous album was released worldwide by Columbia. Numerous concerts were planned in France, England, Germany and the USA. Pearlman had become Black Sabbath manager by then and the biggest tour of the year in the US called the “Black and Blue Tour” was to kick off soon . The album was selling well in France ,”Solid as a rock” got radio airplay but, it was poorly distributed in the US and many people couldn’t buy the record there. They disbanded early 1981 after Eric Levisalles sold all their equipment while they were waiting for him in the US to record their 3rd LP and tried to continue the band with other musicians and a male singer.

CBS broke the contract and showed him the way to the door. He later recorded monk music cds under the name of Era and became milionnaire. Ross, on his side, founded Manowar ,no need to say more …… 1995 :Fabienne Shine records her first solo album in France with Jean-Lou on drums and songwriting . 2004 :On request of rock mag “crossroad”, Shakin’Street got back together for a unique concert with Ross the Boss and Norbert Krief (Trust) on guitar at the Olympia and released an old tape on CD recorded the Black and Blue Tour . 2006: Ross the Boss and Jean-Lou Kalinowski record tracks on Fabienne Shine second solo album :Fabienne Shine and the Planets includes guests like Albert and Joe Bouchard (BOC) and Norbert Krief . 2007: Music Lover Phil Bonanno asked Jean-Loup Kalinowski, the original drummer if they would record a new CD. The answer was yes. Jean-Lou took things in hand. He wrote songs, found new guitarist, Philippe Kalfon on Myspace, called Ross to ask him to join them and he agreed .The album was recorded in Paris in December but Ross was busy in Germany recording the RTBB new CD so he recorded his tracks in March in NY. Phil Bonanno was asked to join the band ..boards ,an offer he couldn’t refuse . Norbert Krief, the band old friend recorded some guitar tracks too in his home . This 2008 edition of Shakin’Street will surprise the old fans for sure .The Zeppelin/Aerosmith influence is very noticable .
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Shakin’ Street – Vampire Rock [1978]
Shakin’ Street – Shakin’ Street [1980]
Shakin’ Street – Live and Raw [1981]
Shakin’ Street – Shakin’ Street – Live [2004]
Shakin’ Street – 21st Century Love Channel [2009]

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