Country Italy

Style Hard Rock/Metal

Rayon was born in Lecce in February 2006 thanks to Johnathan Trigger. Being him an 80’s Hard rock and NWOBHM lover, he decided to form a band under these influences. Rayon line-up was the following: J. Trigger, G. Mad and Ryan Ridit. After some months, Soul Chris (bass) joined the band and G. Mad decided to sing and play guitar at the same time.

So, the former band’s members Jonathan Trigger: drums – G.Mad: Vocals/guitars – Ryan Ridit: guitars – Soul Chris: bass, started working on their first demo tape that was recorded in October 2006: Runnin’ From Elm St. After that though, G.Mad left the band and they started looking for another musician to replace him; eventually Ryan Ridit replaced him as all the members thought that he was the right person they were looking for.

In May 2007, Gianni (guitars), joined the band and they started working again all together changing their music style to a “heavier” sound; nevertheless, Gianni decided to leave the band in October 2007.
The remaining members took an important decision: using three guitars. That’s when twins Gabrielle and Mark (Darkspell) joined the band, so in 2008 the band’s line-up was made up by: “Jonathan Trigger: drums – Ryan Ridit: vocals/guitar – Gabrielle: guitar – Mark: guitar- Soul Chris: Bass”. The first half of the year the band had some live gigs and in June 2008 they recorded a new demo tape titled: “Born To Be Ready” that featured 5 tracks in pure 80’s hard rock style. The demo succeeded and its tracks were broadcasted in Italian, American, Australian and Spanish radio stations.

owever, in February 2009 the twins left the band: Gabrielle joined Stonecutters and Mark for personal issues. Gold Member (ex-Slow Death) replaced the two ex members and took charge of the 2 guitars. The new entry was very well welcomed by the audience and in May of the very same year the band won the Amsterdam Metal Contest, that took place in San Severo (FG). At present, with the new line-up, the band is working on their brand new demo.

– Runnin’ from Elm St. [2006] DEMO
– Born to Be Ready [2008] DEMO




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