Country Venezuela

Style Melodic Rock/AOR/Pop/Rock


Is hard to speak about rock in Venezuela between 1985 and 1995 without naming RADIOCLIP. During that decade, this group went from playing in bars and distributing cassettes with their demos, to playing in arenas and theaters across the country and sharing the stage with Latin artists such as Charly Garcia, Fito Paez, Franco Devita and international bands like INXS and REO Speedwagon. During those 10 years they released four albums, RADIOCLIP (1988), where the wind blows (1990) FIRE IN THE WATER (1992) AND FROM ZERO (1994).

Of these four discs were many radio hits many , including several number one hit singles on radio, plus imnumerables television appearances, radio and newspapers.  Radioclip also played steadily throughout Venezuela in numerous concerts and festivals during his 10 years of existence as a band, generating a loyal fan base and a reputation as one of the groups with a better live sound of the time.

Their musical style at the start awas mixture of Pop-Rock in Spanish with the New-Wave sound popular during the 80’s, eventually matured into a more intense sound , with songs with richer arraigments and more complex lyrics that reflected the maturity gained by members of the band during the decade they were one of the most important rock bands in Venezuela.

The band, which broke up in late 1995, reunites again, but this time in the city of Miami (USA) in 2008, with most of its original members, and Jorge Delgado (ex tango 36) as new lead singer. In this new phase have been playing with great success in the South Florida rock circuit and standing out when they were chosen to perform at the Festival of the independence of Venezuela in July 2009.

In mid-2009 they began production of its new album, “Brilla” (Shine) which will be released simultaneously in Venezuela and the United States in June 2010. “Brilla”, the new album by the band, represents the sum of the experiences of 5 musicians who have devoted themselves with passion to maintain both the group’s musical legacy , but at same the time with their feet firmly planted on the 21st century, and with sound both retro and innovative, with the power and passion that always has characterized RADIOCLIP.


resp radioclip1 radioclip2 radioclip3 radioclip4 radioclip2010

– La Respuesta [1987] single
– Radio Clip [1988]
– Donde Sopla el Viento [1990]
– Fuego en la Corriente [1992]
– Desde Cero [1995]
– Brilla [2010]

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