Country Liechtenstein

Style Hard Rock

The Pussy Lovers emerged in autumn 2001. Singer and rhythm guitarist Marcel Senti (ex-Red Axe), bassist Simon Biedermann (ex-Red Axe), drummer Christopher Stoeckel (ex Lancelot) and the lead guitarist Roger Kaufmann (ex-Tess, ex Bang Slang) formed the first occupation of the band. After two concerts Roger left the group again already and Christopher followed him shortly afterwards.

In Pascal Ederer (g, ex-so what?, Perfect Mind) and Marius Matt (d, ex-so what?) They found 2002 two new combatants. In the following years, the band erspielte next to a loyal fan base and a reputation as an energetic live act, whose concerts are a guarantee for extravagant parties. The most recent change in the line-up was held in 2006 by the addition of another musician. Marcel gave the rhythm guitar to Mathias Nutt (ex so what?) In order to concentrate on the singing can.

Than previous highlights concerts apply in renowned rock clubs like the Dynamo and the variety in Zurich (CH) or the Rock City in Uster (CH) and the three-time participation in the rock night in Eschen (FL), the headlining at the Wave Jam Open Air in Balzers (FL) or headline the big biker festival at Crazy Eddy Silz (A).

Again and again the Pussy Lovers are addressed to the unusual band name. However, although all members are the four-legged pets quite inclined, stirred the name come from a scene of Quentin Tarantino’s film From Dusk Till Dawn. The corresponding sequence is also used as an intro at their concerts.

On 23 August 2008 he released the self-titled first album Pussy Lovers. Recorded at Little Creek Studio in Gelterkinden in Basel / CH ensured, VO Powder and Franky Winkelmann (Gurd, Destruction, Pure Inc.). Toward a modern and powerful sound of the band and so it fell slightly, einzuzimmern an authentic ’80s heavy rock disc of the old school With ease, the band creates on their debut a balance between tradition and modernity.

Just in time for the tenth anniversary are the Pussy Lovers with their second studio album at the start. We’ve Got You Right appeared on 5 November 2011 and is a logical continuation of the debut. Arose again in Little Creek Studio in Gelterkinden, presents the album the band in a more rock-Constitution. Much emphasis was placed on the second album of the choirs and the guitar sound. And both are truly remarkable failed. A ballad the band has deliberately avoided the current work, instead the focus is on hard rocking singalong anthems with catchy …



– Pussylovers [2008]
– We’ve Got You Right [2011]

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