Country USA

Style CCM Hard Rock/Progressive Metal

bandpicPursuit’s music has been compared to Kansas, Queensryche and Dream Theater with influences ranging from ELP and Yes to Rush and Metallica. A quote from Dan Wolfe, “Some groups I enjoyed listening to include Kansas, ELP, Rush and Yes. Although I enjoyed their sound, it seemed the lyrics were hollow. It became my desire to couple my music with lyrics that would glorify God.

This is what God has called me to pursue.” In this lost world, Pursuit’s music is a real alternative to secular music. It appeals to the emotions and trials of all people in a positive Christian way. Their music paints a picture of Jesus’ saving grace through powerful lyrics and scripture based teaching. Much can be taught through lyrics and even more can be taught when lyrics are paired with powerful music. Perhaps it is here that their music gets its personality. It’s not just flashy musicianship, it’s music that paints a picture.

1994 the band released their self-titled debut album gain minor success and airplay attention especially in the Christian rock community blending hard rock and metal tunes to a unique sound. After independently releasing its full length self-titled debut in 1995, Pursuit returns nearly ten years later with the all out progressive metal assault of its very fine 2004 sophomore effort Quest. 

Taking a very technical and complex approach to its art, Pursuit is certain to appeal to fans of Dream Theater, Threshold, Symphony X, Revelation Project, Theocracy and a host of others.  The band, at the same time, must be given credit for its penchant to compose epic length numbers with extensive instrumental passages in which it exhibits the abundant strength of its musicianship.

1st cd egeg

– Pursuit [1994]
– Quest [2004]

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