STYLE: Sleaze Glam

Photobucket“Pretty Vacant is like a stretched rubber band of teenage eroticism, yearning, and rebellion pulled to the breaking point and then allowed to snap..” Kerrang magazine.. …….. ….There was nothing much to do for a rock band stuck in the middle of Cleveland, Ohio- Except to motor west to Hollywood in search of an elusive record deal. Thats exactly what the members of Pretty Vacant did. Childhood friends with a fetish for Motley Crue and late 70s punk, the band wanted to revitalize and polish what they described as a deliberately trashy form of rock n roll… .. Detouring from the standard way hard- rock bands generally presented themselves, the bands energetic stage show was hailed by one critic as, The Sex Pistols meet The Go-Gos and everybody brought tequila. Pretty Vacant was a glamtastic spectacle that blended melodic, ultra-catchy vocal melodies with music that had a raw and bouncy, punk rock attitude. Blasting out of Cleveland like a Wonka-esque rocket ship, the band quickly garnered the attention of both fans and record labels… .. New Renaissance Records soon caught wind of the band, and Pretty Vacant was signed and recorded their first album. The album became something of an underground phenomenon and Pretty Vacant launched a tour in The United States which lasted 26 months. They also left the mainland to tour Hawaii, where their album had shot to number 1 for several weeks over the top of numerous major label groups… .. With their infectious blend of hard rock and pop hooks the band built a solid reputation of excitement everywhere they played. National magazines referred to the band as Americas new romantic rebels and Tomorrows metal heartthrobs. At their new home in Los Angeles, Pretty Vacant became one of the hottest bands on the Sunset Strip, breaking attendance records at most of their shows and earning themselves a star on Gazzarris wall of fame… .. Continuing to tap into a hook-laden song writing vein that had always powered Pretty Vacants music, lead vocalist, Kenny Vacant and guitarist, Dave Trace began to refocus their efforts in new directions to meet the demands of an ever-changing music scene. New musical paths led to new projects and once again the band met with regional success. Spurred on by what the band saw as a clear conformation of their instincts, Kenny and Dave decided to return to their hard rock roots and re-enlist Pretty Vacants original bass player, Dave Belanger and drummer, Marc Anthony… .. Today Americas New Romantic Rebels are back and poised to break new ground with their new international release. The forthcoming CD reminds us that everything changes, but nothing is lost. Pretty Vacant is as excited as you are to bring back the glitz and glam of rock n roll ideology and passion of musical revolution…

Pretty Vacant – Walkin’ on a Tilt [1991]

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